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Preparing for the selection procedures of international organizations

For many hopefuls, entry into the working world of international organizations (IO) and institutions is often difficult. Even if sufficient professional experience and knowledge is available, major hurdles remain the lack of transparency of selection procedures, the lack of knowledge about basic eligibility criteria and the unfamiliar use of international standards in the application process.

In collaboration with an experienced trainer team Seibel - WorldWide Living prepares individuals and groups for the different aspects of the selection and application process. Key themes:

  • Common selection and application processes
  • Selection criteria
  • Developing a personal career strategy
  • Typical test modules and examination content
  • Convincing applications: Curriculum Vitae (CVs), motivating cover letters
  • Dealing with application forms
  • Self-marketing: motivation, arguing the benefits, profile of characteristics
  • Preparing for assessment centres, oral examinations, interviews
  • Working conditions /living abroad
  • Sources of information, counseling, advice on preparation
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