Intercultural awareness

For us lifetime nomads in particular, it is often impossible before switching to a new host country to make a targeted preparation for its cultural characteristics. A trans-cultural intercultural awareness seminar thus offers the ideal preparation. Based on world-wide cultural aspects, the range of possible behaviors is presented. Through active dealing with one's own and the foreign culture, and including personal experiences gained abroad, support is given to the ability of outbound travelers to capture the specifics of new cultures faster. Thus, they learn on their own to recognize potential conflicts when faced with intercultural experiences, to address these with preventive approaches or to even develop problem-solving approaches independently.

Seibel WorldWide Living offers preparatory seminars and presentations on the following themes:

  • Intercultural competences and skills: How do I acquire them?
  • Working in multi-cultural teams: Opportunities and challenges
  • Expatriates and their accompanying partners: Two different lives
  • Settling in a foreign land: Culture shock
  • Daily life in the host country: Health, leisure, travel
  • Returning home: The re-entry shock