Preparing accompanying partners

Life abroad for accompanying partners is not only different from the familiar way of life in Germany, it also differs significantly from the life of the employed partner abroad. For many, this means accompanying their partners not only offers a chance to learn about foreign countries and cultures from the safety of the posted workers environment, but also means having to: renounce ones own career, to align life's rhythm to the needs of the partner, "being defined" according to the social status of the posted employee, an unusual blending of work and personal life, and much more.

Actively addressing the new life form of accompanying partners in advance of the move can help to avoid many of these problems, or at least reduce them to a normal and solvable level. Seibel - WorldWide Living offers groups and individuals tailor-made seminars where accompanying partners are informed and supported in order to develop individual strategies for living abroad. The offer includes the following modules:

  • Adjusting to the life of an accompanying partner
  • Career strategies for accompanying partners
  • Application strategies abroad
  • Networking abroad
  • Settling in, and daily life in a foreign country